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960P RI

Low profile weighing platform wit integrated access ramps - Height 50 mm - CE Approved

Weighing platforms Mod. 960P RI are expressly suited for trolleys and pallet truck scales. The height of the loading plate is only 50 mm and the access is allowed through two integrated access ramps. The loading structure is made up of painted steel or AISI304 stainless steel with welded plane and side bands for load cells.


  • Painted steel or stainless steel structure with welded plate
  • Loading platform height : mm 50
  • n°2 integrated Access ramps

Load cells

  • Nickel plated IP67 OIML R60 load cell for painted version or stainless steel IP68 for stainless steel version
  • Nickel plated adjustable feet with sphere joint


  • Alluminum junction box with protection rate IP67
  • Connecting cable with lenght 5 m
PRI8080-3800x800x50300 kg100 g50/100 g
PRI8080-6800x800x50600 kg200 g100/200 g
PRI1010-3 1000x1000x50300 kg100 g50/100 g
PRI1010-6 1000x1000x50600 kg200 g100/200 g
PRI1012-3 1000x1250x50300 kg100 g50/100 g
PRI1012-6 1000x1250x50600 kg200 g100/200 g
PRI1012-15 1000x1250x501500 kg500 g200/500 g
PRI1212-6 1250x1250x50600 kg200 g100/200 g
PRI1212-151250x1250x501500 kg500 g200/500 g
PRI1215-61250x1500x50600 kg200 g100/200 g
PRI1215-151250x1500x501500 kg500 g200/500
Options and Accessories
Protection sheat for load cell cables
Stainless steel IP68 junction box
Junction box sealed with gel
Stainless steel load cells with protection rate IP69K
Load cell with ATEX Approval ATEX II 2G Eex ia IIC T4
Junction box with ATEX Approval
Wireless connection kit between weight indicator and weighing platform - Power supply 220 Vac / 7,5 Vdc
Wireless connection kit between weight indicator and weighing platform - Power supply with rechargeable battery

User Manual

Download User Manual

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