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Application Software for statistical analysis

The application software Odeca STAT allows you to sample production by weight checking the suitability of a lot. The program is designed for connection to scales Odeca . The Program is able to manage an updated file containing all data regarding the articles, the production, the lots accepted and rejected.


  • Enabling a maximum of six weighing stations
  • Simultaneous management of multiple production lots
  • Automatic setting of the number of samples according to the size of the lot
  • Setting tolerance limits automatic according to the nominal weight of the article
  • Automatic calculation of the value of minimum average weight and constant updating of the actual average weight
  • Automatic calculation of the acceptable amount of sampling below the tolerance limit
  • Indication of the actual value of weight or volume registered and indication of sampling in tolerance or out of tolerance
  • Ability to pause, activate / reactivate more sampling sequences for different production batches
  • Evaluation and visualization of acceptance or rejection of lots.
  • Storage in database of sampling sequence
  • Print the sequence of sampling and export in different formats (PDF, EXCEL, WORLD, RTF, RPT, etc.)
PC STATApplication Software PC Stat

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