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SW21-X1 / SW22-X1

II 2G Ex ib [ib] IIC T6 Gb

II 2D Ex tb IIIC T85°C Db IP65

Digital weight indicators with stainless steel case Zone 1,21 ATEX Approved

Weight indicator with stainless steel case with protection rate IP65 – Red led display h. 20 mm and waterproof membrane IP67 Certified keyboard with 9 or 21 keys with tactile effect. The two channels A / D converter 24 bits (16.777.216 interior points) allows the simultaneous handling of two weighing platforms with a maximum displayable resolution of 150,000 div. The indicators weight SW21-X1 and SW22-X1 are metrologically approved up to 10,000 div. in one field or two or three fields max. 6000 div. cad. Power supply 220 Vac or external rechargeable battery.

SW21-X1Digital weight indicator stainless steel IP65 with keyboard with 9 keys Zone 1,21 ATEX Approved
SW22-X1Digital weight indicator stainless steel IP65 with keyboard with 21 keys Zone 1,21 ATEX Approved

Mod. SW21-X1 / SW22-X1

Options and Accessories

BB22 - XExternal rechargeable battery box ( with charger for safe area ) ATEX Approved: II 2G Ex [ib] IIC T6 Gb ; II 2D Ex [ib] IIIC T85°C IP65 Db
AL22 - X220 Vac Power supply. ATEX Approved : II (2) G [ Ex ib Gb ] IIC ; II (2) D [ Ex ib Db ] IIIC
ALIM - ZSPower supply 220 Vac for safe area with connection cable m. 10
SW / IOI/O Card with 4 relè Output and 2 digital Input
SW / ANAnalog output ( 0-5V;0-10V;0-20mA;4-20mA)
SW / MFFiscal Memory
ETHInternal Module for wired connection with Ethernet network
RS422Rs422 - RS485 serial output
CLXStainless steel floor column h. mm 1100
STFXStainless steel wall mounting kit
CONF-EXATEX Declaration of Conformity for complete system Platform-Indicator

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