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Mechanical weighing platform with levers and one load cell - On floor version or with pit frame - CE Approved

The mechanical platform Mod. 845CC is made up with a levers system and one stainless steel IP68 load cell ; it is available in the on floor version or with pit frame . The loading frame is made up of heavy duty UNP section with oscillating sphere device for a better shocking absorption.


  • Loading frame made up of heavy duty UNP section

Load Cells

  • Stainless steel IP68 load cell CE Approved


  • Aluminium Junction box with protection rate IP67
  • Connection cable m. 5 with protection sheat
CC1012-11000×1250600 kg200
CC1012-31000×12501500 kg500
CC1015-11000×1500600 kg200
CC1015-31000×15001500 kg500
CC1015-51000×15003000 kg1000
CC1512-11500×1250600 kg200
CC1512-31500×12501500 kg500
CC1512-51500×12503000 kg1000
CC1515-11500×15001500 kg500
CC1515-31500×15003000 kg1000
CC2015-12000×15001500 kg500
CC2015-32000×15003000 kg1000
CC2015-42000×15006000 kg2000
CC2515-12500×15001500 kg500
CC2515-32500×15003000 kg1000
CC2515-42500×15006000 kg2000

On request, version AISI304 stainless steel or zinc plated

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