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LA688 Self

Alphanumeric digital weight indicator with stainless steel case - CE Approved

LA688 : Self Station for weighbridge
The digital weight indicator Mod. La688 Self with AISI304 Stainless steel case is particularly indicated for the installation in every environmental condition. The LA688 indicator has a red LED display h. 20 mm and a graphic LCD display with backlight. The two channels digital converter, allows the connection of two weighing platforms. Can be supplied with token or coin reader , with badge reader and as standard it is equipped with a thermal roll printer with auto cutter and width 80 mm .


  • AISI 304 Stainless steel covering
  • Red LED weight display (h. 20 mm) – Graphic back-lighted LCD display (240×64 pixel)
  • 24 bit A/D converter (16.777.216 internal points) with two input channels for the connection of two weighing platforms
  • Max displaying divisions: 150.000
  • Max metric divisions: 10.000 in one field or 2 or 3 fields of 6000 div. each one
  • n° 2 serial output RS232C
  • Token reader
  • Coin reader
  • Badge reader RFID
  • 220 Vac power supply

Available Options

  • n° 2 serial output RS232C
  • Ethernet connection (Wi-Fi or wire)
  • 2 IN – 3 OUT optional board
  • Analogical output optional board
  • Fiscal memory

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