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Digital weight indicator with red led display h. 60 mm - CE Approved

Digital weight indicator with wall stainless steel case and high efficiency red led digit h. 60 mm . A remote wireless control allows to execute all the operating functions.


  • AISI304 Stainless Steel caseHigh efficiency red led display with digit h. 60 mm
  • Display a led rossi h. 60 mm ad alta efficienza
  • Remote wireless control
  • A/D 24 bit converter ( 16.777.216 interior points )
  • Load cell power supply  : 5 Vdc ( Max. 8 load cells 350 Ohm )
  • 230 Vac Power supply


  • Zero, Tare
  • Data transmission to PC or printer

Section I / O

  • RS232 serial output
LA760Digital weight indicator with red led display h. mm 60

User Manual

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