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Alphanumeric digital weight indicator with stainless steel case - CE Approved

LA900-X : Weight indicator for hazardous area ATEX 1,21 – 2,22.
Digital weight indicator for use in hazardous area. Designed for the realization of weighing and dosing systems with EC Type Certification according to Annex III


  • Stainless steel case AISI304 for table, column or rack application – functional keyboard with 12 keys
  • Red LED display with six digits h. 20 mm – n° 4 Status LED diam. 5 mm – Overall dimensions: 200x160x75 mm
  • A / D converter with 24-bit resolution – Max. display weight resolution 60000 div.
  • CE approval max. 10000 div. in a single range or three range 3000 div. or two range 6000 div.
  • Real time clock with battery backup
  • 7.5 Vdc power supply or rechargeable battery 6 V DC – Maximum Power Consumption 4 Watt
  • Load cell supply: 5 VDC / 120 mA (Max. 8 350 Ohm load cells)

Base functions

  • Weighs accumulation
    Selection of print mode single or multiple ticket mode
    Reprint receipt function
    Tare function, setting numerical Tare function
    Selection of weight transmission mode to PC

Section I / O

  • RS232 serial output (COM1) for connection to printers, PCs and weight repeaters
    RS232 serial output (COM2) for connecting to printers, PCs and weight repeaters
    RS422 / RS485 serial output ( optional )
    Ethernet output with RJ45 connector (optional)
    Wi-Fi Ethernet output (optional)
    USB output for pen drive (optional)
    USB output for PC connection (optional)
    Profinet output ( optional )
    I / O board with No. 2 logic outputs 24 Vac / Vdc max. 1 A ( optional )
    Fiscal memory card ( optional )

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