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Odeca Lab Touch

Application Software for labelling operations management

The application software Odeca LabTouch allows you to manage all the operations of weighing and labeling. The huge amount of memory available in a PC allows you to not have size limits for archives. The operator has also a graphical editor to create directly in a simple and intuitive way the almost unlimited number of print formats. LabTouch can directly manage two weighing systems and two distinct labeling for simultaneous printing of two different formats.


  • Archive with traceability data and ingredients management
  • Tables with nutritional parameters of the products management
  • Clients with Full Company Archive management
  • Operators, Weighing, Tare Archive management
  • Labels Archive management
  • Price lists ( Customizable per customer ) Archive management
  • Management of Lots Archive with association between identification and traceability data Lotto related to it
  • Selection of the currency for the amount
  • Operation modes for users distinguished through different passwords
  • Association product / image for a more direct and intuitive appeal
  • Direct Touch commands for Basic Operation
  • Graphics editor for creating in a simple and intuitive way, the format printing with selection from a list of fields to be included
  • Association direct product / format printing
  • Label preview
  • Management of the most used Bar Code formats
  • Simultaneous management of two weighing systems
  • Simultaneous management of two label printers
  • Print weights Packing list
LABTApplication Software Odeca LabTouch


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