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AISI304 Stainless steel weighing platform with 4 stainless steel IP68 load cells and loading plate liftable with stainless steel gas spring - CE Approved

The weighing platform 2001ISP has a liftable loading plate through AISI316L Stainless steel gas spring which allows to keep it in vertical position safely. The AISI304 stainless steel structure is first pickled and then submitted to a brushing process .The weight signal is given by four stainless steel IP68 share beam load cells OIML R60 CE approved with protecting sheat for cables. Their signal is equalized using a suitable connecting card with adjustable trimmer.

Available also with load cell and junction box  ATEX Approved


  • Structure made by AISI304 stainless steel tubular profile
  • Loading plate with thickness 5  mm liftable with gas springs AISI316L

Load cells

  • Stainless steel  IP68 load cells OIML R60 CE Approved C3
  • Loading feet with sphere joint  stainless steel


  • Aluminium junction box IP67
  • Connecting cable for weight indictor 5 m lenght
I8080-3800X800X100300 kg100 g50/100 g
I8080-6800X800X100600 kg200 g100/200 g
I1012-31000X1250X100300 kg100 g50/100 g
I1012-61000X1250X100600 kg200 g100/200 g
I1012-151000X1250X1001500 kg500 g200/500 g
I1012-301000x1250x1203000 kg1000 g500/1000 g
I1212-61250X1250X100600 kg200 g100/200 g
I1212-151250X1250X1001500 kg500 g200/500
I1212-301250x1250x1203000 kg1000 g500/1000 g
I1512-61500X1250X100600 kg200 g100/200 g
I1512-151500X1250X1001500 kg500 g200/500 g
I1512-301500x1250x1203000 kg1000 g500/1000 g
I1515-61500X1500X100600 kg200 g100/200 g
I1515-151500X1500X1001500 kg500 g200/500 g
I1515-301500x1500x1203000 kg1000 g500/1000 g
I2012-62000x1250x110600 kg200 g100/200 g
I2012-152000x1250x1101500 kg500 g200 /500 g
I2012-302000x1250x1203000 kg1000 g500/1000 g
I2015-62000x1500x110600 kg200 g100/200 g
I2015-152000x1500x1101500 kg500 g200/500 g
I2015-302000x1500x1203000 kg1000 g500/1000 g
Options and accessories
Junction box sealed with gel
Stainless steel IP68 junction box
Load cells ATEX Approved
Junction box ATEX Approved
Stainless steel pit frame


Plate dimensionABCD

User manual

Download User Manual

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