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Analytical and precision laboratory scale

Analitical laboratory scale with solid cast metal base and stainless steel loading platform. The models with division 0,1 mg and 1 mg are provided with a protection with sliding doors. All the models are provided with under plate hook and Serial Output RS232 for PC connection.


  • Solid cast metal base
  • AISI304 Stainless steel plate
  • Under plate hook for density rate calculation


  • LCD Display with backlight
  • Unit selection ( 18 units selectable )
  • Three keys keyboard


  •  Weigh , Counting function, Percentage calculation

Power Supply

  • 220 Vac with adapter
Cod.Plate Ø mmCapacityResolution dDivision e
PX124 / EØ 90120 g0,1 mg
PX124Ø 90120 g0,1 mg
PX124MØ 90120 g0,1 mg1 mg
PX224 / EØ 90220 g0,1 mg
PX224Ø 90220 g0,1 mg
PX224MØ 90220 g0,1 mg1 mg
PX323 / EØ 120320 g0,001 g
PX323Ø 120320 g0,001 g
PX323MØ 120320 g0,001 g0,01 g
PX523 / EØ 120520 g0,001 g
PX523Ø 120520 g0,001 g
PX523MØ 120520 g0,001 g0,01 g
PX3202 / EØ 1803200 g0,01 g
PX3202Ø 1803200 g0,01 g
PX3202MØ 1803200 g0,01 g0,1 g
PX5202 / EØ 1805200 g0,01 g
PX5202Ø 1805200 g0,01 g
PX5202MØ 1805200 g0,01 g0,1 g
PX4201 / EØ 1804200 g0,1 g
PX4201Ø 1804200 g0,1 g
PX4201MØ 1804200 g0,1 g1 g

Options and Accessories

80251396Extra Display for Pioneer Scales
83020221Protection for the Display
83034024Sinker to determin liquids density

User Manual

Download User Manual

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