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Analytical laboratory scale

Analytical laboratory scale with solid cast metal base and stainless steel loading platform.
The models with division 0,1 mg and 1 mg are provided with a protection with sliding doors.
All the models are provided with under plate hook and Serial Output RS232 and USB for PC connection.


  • Basic Functionality for Routine Weighing Applications.
  • Three essential weighing modes.
  • RS232 connectivity for data transfer and storage.
  • Bright backlit display.
  • Stainless steel pan.
Cod.Mobile AppCal IntCapacityResol.. (d)(e)Plate (mm)
PR223/E220 g0,001 gØ 120
PR223220 g0,001 gØ 120
PR223M220 g0,001 g0,01 gØ 120
PR523/E520 g0,001 gØ 120
PR523520 g0,001 gØ 120
PR523M520 g0,001 g0,01 gØ 120
PR1602/E1600 g0,01 gØ 180
PR16021600 g0,01 gØ 180
PR1602M1600 g0,01 g0,1 gØ 180
PR4202/E4200 g0,01 gØ 180
PR42024200 g0,01 gØ 180
PR4202M4200 g0,01 g0,1 gØ 180
PR6201/E6200 g0,1 gØ 180
PR62016200 g0,1 gØ 180
PR6201M6200 g0,1 g1 gØ 180

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