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Courier 3000

Check and delivery scale

The Courier 3000 Series shipping scales’ intuitive, user-friendly interfaces, bright displays, and low-profile steel construction ensure durability and reliability from offices to warehouses to even veterinary offices (the Courier 3000 is effective for weighing small animals). Versatile and effective.


  • Ideal for general shipping jobs or veterinary applications.
  • Low-profile design with 1.5 mm thick painted steel platform to last rigorous daily use.
  • Coiled cable that ensures flexible display mounting.
  • Display Hold mode (for use with large boxes and packages) that retains weight on the large 28 mm high backlight display, until cleared.
  • AC adapter power included, and disposable battery power (not included) for portable use.
3080991135 kg20 g329×319
3080991275 kg50 g329×319
30809913200 kg100 g329×319

User Manual

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