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Electronic bench / Floor scale IP65 - CE Approved

Electronic scale CE approved. The structure is realized with zinc plated steel and AISI304 stainless steel. Stainless steel digital weight indicator with LCD Display with digit. h. 52 mm. Unit selection (kg or lb). Tare function. checkweighing function, sum functioin. 220 Vac Power supply with adapter and internal rechargeable battery with high autonomy.

ML4015400×40015 kg5 g1 g
ML4030400×40030 kg10 g2 g
ML4060400×40060 kg20 g5 g
ML40150400×400150 kg50 g10 g
ML5030500×50030 kg10 g2 g
ML5060500×50060 kg20 g5 g
ML50150500×500150 kg50 g10 g
ML6060600×60060 kg20 g5 g
ML60150600×600150 kg50 g10 g
ML60300600×600300 kg100 g20 g
ML7060700×70060 kg20 g5 g
ML70150700×700150 kg50 g10 g
ML70300700×700300 kg100 g20 g
ML8060800×80060 kg20 g5 g
ML80150800×800150 kg50 g10 g
ML80150800×800300 kg100 g20 g
Cod.Options and accessories
CLHXStainless steel comumn h. mm 1000 for weight indicator
CLHVPainted steel comumn h. mm 1000 for weight indicator
IP68-40Stainless steel IP68 load cell for 400×400 dimension
IP68-60Stainless steel IP68 load cell from 500×500 to 800×800
3SP-4040AISI304 stainless steel loading plate 400×400 with three banks
3SP-5050AISI304 stainless steel loading plate 500×500 with three banks
3SP-6060AISI304 stainless steel loading plate 600×600 with three banks
3SP-7070AISI304 stainless steel loading plate 700×700 with three banks
3SP-8080AISI304 stainless steel loading plate 800×800 with three banks
CV400Painted trolley with wheels ( 400×400 )
CX400AISI304 stainless steel trolley with wheels ( 400×400 )
CV500Painted trolley with wheels ( 500×500 )
CX500AISI304 stainless steel trolley with wheels ( 500×500 )
CV600Painted trolley with wheels ( 600×600 )
CX600AISI304 stainless steel trolley with wheels ( 600×600 )
CV700Painted trolley with wheels ( 700×700 )
CX700AISI304 stainless steel trolley with wheels ( 700×700 )
CV800Painted trolley with wheels ( 800×800 )
CX800AISI304 stainless steel trolley with wheels ( 800×800 )

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