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Precision Laboratory Scale

Precision laboratory scale with solid cast metal base and stainless steel platform. The graphic touch screen display gives the access to all of the functions. On series is available the under plate hook . The communication section includes : frontal USB for Pen Drive, rear USB for PC and RS232 serial output. The operating functions are : checkweigh, percentage weigh, totalization function , counting function, formula and density calculation.


  • Solid cast metal base
  • AISI304 Stainless steel plate
  • Under plate hook for density rate calculation


  • Graphic touchscreen color display 4,3″
  • Real Time clock
  • Unit selection ( 18 units selectable )
  • Operating Functions : Totalization function, Counting function, Percentage function, Checkweigh, Formula, Density calculation


  • USB Host for PC , USB Device for Pen Drive , RS232

Power Supply

  • 220 Vac with power adapter
Cod.Plate mmCapacityPrecision - dDivision - e
AX224/EØ 90220 g0,1 mg
AX224Ø 90220 g0,1 mg
AX224MØ 90220 g0,1 mg1 mg
AX324Ø 90320 g0,1 mg
AX324MØ 90320 g0,1 mg1 mg
AX223 / EØ 130220 g0,001 g
AX223Ø 130220 g0,001 g
AX223MØ 130220 g0,001 g0,01 g
AX523 / EØ 130520 g0,001 g
AX523Ø 130520 g0,001 g
AX523MØ 130520 g0,001 g0,01 g
AX422 / E175×195420 g0,01 g
AX422175×195420 g0,01 g
AX822 / E175×195820 g0,01 g
AX822175×195820 g0,01 g
AX1502 / E175×1951520 g0,01 g
AX1502175×1951520 g0,01 g
AX1502M175×1951520 g0,01 g0,1 g
AX2202 / E175×1952200 g0,01 g
AX2202175×1952200 g0,01 g
AX2202M175×1952200 g0,01 g0,1 g
AX4202 / E175×1954200 g0,01 g
AX4202175×1954200 g0,01 g
AX4202M175×1954200 g0,01 g0,1 g
AX5202175×1955200 g0,01 g
AX5202M175×1955200 g0,01 g0,1 g
AX8201 / E175×1958200 g0,1 g
AX8201175×1958200 g0,1 g
AX8201M175×1958200 g0,1 g1 g

Options and Accessories

30472064AD7 RS additional display
30111792AX Protection top with shield
30111777AX Protection top shieldless
83034024Liquids density determination sinker
80253384Solids density determination kit
3006420240 crt. SF40A impact printer with the following features : Date and Time, Totalizations, Statistics, RS232 interface and PC setting software, 13 languages printing

User Manual

Download User Manual

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