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Bench / floor scale - CE Approved

Electronic bench / floor scale CE approved with Stainless Steel weight indicator selectable between four models with different features and functionality, painted or stainless steel structure and stainless steel plate. Metrologic divisions: up to 10000 in one field, two fields of 3000 or 6000 divisions. 220 Vac Power supply and internal rechargeable battery (Option)

Version with weight indicator Mod. SW23

ES31133300×3003 kg1 g
ES31136300×3006 kg2 g
ES311315300×30015 kg5 g
ES311330300×30030 kg10 g
ES311415400×40015 kg5 g
ES311430400×40030 kg10 g
ES311460400×40060 kg20 g
ES3114150400×400150 kg50 g
ES311530500×50030 kg10 g
ES311560500×50060 kg20 g
ES3115150500×500150 kg50 g
ES311660600×60060 kg20 g
ES3116150600×600150 kg50 g
ES3116300600×600300 kg100g

Version with weight indicator Mod. SW21

ES31233300×3003 kg1 g
ES31236300×3006 kg2 g
ES312315300×30015 kg5 g
ES312330300×30030 kg10 g
ES312415400×40015 kg5 g
ES312430400×40030 kg10 g
ES312460400×40060 kg20 g
ES3124150400×400150 kg50 g
ES312530500×50030 kg10 g
ES312560500×50060 kg20 g
ES3125150500×500150 kg50 g
ES312660600×60060 kg20 g
ES3126150600×600150 kg50 g
ES3126300600×600300 kg100g

Version with weight indicator Mod. SW22

ES31333300×3003 kg1 g
ES31336300×3006 kg2 g
ES313315300×30015 kg5 g
ES313330300×30030 kg10 g
ES313415400×40015 kg5 g
ES313430400×40030 kg10 g
ES313460400×40060 kg20 g
ES3134150400×400150 kg50 g
ES313530500×50030 kg10 g
ES313560500×50060 kg20 g
ES3135150500×500150 kg50 g
ES313660600×60060 kg20 g
ES3136150600×600150 kg50 g
ES3136300600×600300 kg100g

Version with weight indicator Mod. LA688

ES31433300×3003 kg1 g
ES31436300×3006 kg2 g
ES314315300×30015 kg5 g
ES314330300×30030 kg10 g
ES314415400×40015 kg5 g
ES314430400×40030 kg10 g
ES314460400×40060 kg20 g
ES3144150400×400150 kg50 g
ES314530500×50030 kg10 g
ES314560500×50060 kg20 g
ES3145150500×500150 kg50 g
ES314660600×60060 kg20 g
ES3146150600×600150 kg50 g
ES3146300600×600300 kg100g

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