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Bench scale for statistical analysis of prepackaged products

Electronic bench scale for statistical analysis of prepackaged products. Painted steel or stainless steel structure with stainless steel loading plate. Digital weight indicator Mod. LA688 with red led display h. 20 mm and graphic display LCD with backlight ( 240 x 64 pixel ) and QWERTY waterproof keyboard with 59 keys in stainless steel case. Calculation of Medium Avarage weight, standard deviation. Contemporary management of up to 50 sampling processes. Thermal roll printer for ticket with the indication of the result of statistical analysis including the number of packages out of tolerance.


  • Painted steel or AISI304 stainless steel
  • AISI304 stainless steel loading plate 300×300 mm

Load cells

  • Aluminium load cell with protection rate IP65
  • Adjustable leveling feet


  • RS232 serial output for PC
  • RS232 serial output for weight repeater or scanner
  • Ethernet output for network connection ( Optional )

Power supply

  • 220 Vac with adapter
Cod.Capacity3000 / 6000 divMultifield
ES30ST-33 kg1 g0,5 / 1 g
ES30ST-66 kg2 g1 / 2 g
ES30ST-1515 kg5 g2 / 5 g
ES30ST-3030 kg10 g5 / 10 g
ES30ST-3H3 kg0,5 g
ES30ST-6H6 kg1 g
ES30ST-12H12 kg2 g
ES30ST-30H30 kg5 g

Mod. ES30ST

Options and Accessories 

ACC-7AhExternal Rechargeable battery ( 12 V - 7 Ah ) with charger
ACC-14AhExternal rechargeable battery ( 12 V - 14 Ah ) with charger
IP68-40Stainless steel IP68 load cell
ETHEthernet output for wired network connection
WiFiEthernet output for wireless network connection
RF-RS232RS232 modules for radio frequency wireless connection
232-CV5RS232 cable m. 5 for connection with PC

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